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Applying window film to your Home or Business drastically reduces energy consumption and provides protection from Solar heat to harmful UV rays.


With a variety of options to choose from, security film helps to prevent glass from shattering. This significantly prevents vandalism or break-ins. Anti- graffiti film is ideal for areas where graffiti and vandalism is an issue.

The silhouette close up image of frosted

Ideal in creating privacy in residential and commercial settings. With the added ability to be custom cut, the assortment of design variations is endless. Easily add your own personal touch to your home or office.


Effectively alter the transparency of any glass with an opaque, bright white treatment or black out any glass to keep areas hidden from view. One-way mirrored film also available.

Image by Patrick Tomasso

Most  residential films carried by Capital TINT have Lifetime Limited Manufactures Warranties. For Commercial properties, warranties are Limited. 

Estimated time for completion is dependent on the total square footage and type of film being applied. On-site measurements are needed in order to propose an accurate quote.

Please CONTACT US to schedule a time for your FREE estimate.

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