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Improve Clarity and Safety


Headlight restoration has many beneficial factors

  • Remove scratches

  • Restores cloudy, dull lenses

  • Maintain functionality and performance

  • Increases visibility and safety

  • Enhances a vehicles appearance

  • Restoring and NOT replacing saves you money

Acrylic headlights come with a clear top coat to prevent oxidation. Over time, the top coat wears off giving headlights a yellow, hazy or cloudy look.

These wear and tear issues can reduce visibility by up to 50% and may cause safety concerns while driving at night.


Capital TINT will restore the clarity and performance of your headlights and in most cases, make them look brand new again.


We approch headlights with a three step process.

Step 1.


Sanding removes any existing oxidation

Step 2.


Buffing removes any scratches and pits caused by road debris

Step 3.


Polishing helps remove any remaining scratches and rejuvenates your headlights clarity.

If you are in need of a headlight restoration,

Contacts us today to schedule an appointment.

After these 3 steps are completed, the aesthetics of your vehicle and the performance of your headlights will be back to their original state.

In some cases, damage to the headlights might be to great to restore completely. 

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